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Saturday, June 20, 2009

"The Energy is There"

Robert Dreyfuss writes:

According to reports from various quarters, the demonstrators have added a new chant to their repertoire: "Death to Khamenei!" If so, another red line -- and an extremely explosive one -- has been crossed. Thousands of troops from the Revolutionary Guards, the police, and the Basij paramilitary force -- the mosque-based, devout followers of Khamenei -- blockaded Revolution Square in Tehran today, the proposed site of the main opposition gathering, and they used tear gas, metal batons, and water cannons to keep people out of the square. It's unclear whether the show of force will quell the protests. The energy is there. Video from Tehran overnight showed that the skies over the city echoes lasy night with cries of "God is Great!", in what has become the movement's call to arms. (It's a direct echo of the anti-Shah revolution in 1979.)

link: The Showdown Builds In Iran


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