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Saturday, June 20, 2009

IranTwittter June 20

Mousavi - confirmed - IF I AM ARRESTED THE NATION IS TO STRIKE INDEFINITELY - #Iranelection RT RT RT 20 minutes ago from web

confirmed - Riots in Tabriz, Mashad, Isfahan, Ahwaz - Gov using violence - #Iranelection 24 minutes ago from web

The nation has awoken TODAY - the Sea of Green is marching - #Iranelection 26 minutes ago from web

confirmed - riots in Shiraz - #Iranelection 28 minutes ago from web

Karegar St S - Tohid sq - Arya Shahr - Azadi Sq - Valli Asr Ave/Sq - Are alive with Sea of Green and fighting - #Iranelection

link: persiankiwi (persiankiwi) on Twitter


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