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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dawn in Tehran

Mousavi we will stand beside you - we will die beside you - Allah Akbar - peace be upon all man - #Iranelection 17 minutes ago from web

again it is dawn- we go to pray to Allah - pls people of the world pray with us - God is but one - Allah - #Iranelection - of all creation 21 minutes ago from web

Again we thank you for support - pls see our video links for violence in Tehran today - #Iranelection 25 minutes ago from web

Mousavi - we have gone too far to stop now - #Iranelection 28 minutes ago from web

Khatami - Today is the dawn - #Iranelection - Allah Akbar 29 minutes ago from web

we have no confirmation of tank in Tehran - that is a rumor from Gov - #Iranelection 33 minutes ago from web

We must rest - Tehran is burning with the fire of freedom - but tomorow we fight again - we have injured ppl - #Iranelection 35 minutes ago from web

Rafsanjani has stayed silent until now - he has the support of the army - our hope is that the army will protect us - #Iranelection 39 minutes ago from web

Mousavu calls on Sea of Green - DO NOT take act violently - #Iranelection 43 minutes ago from web

confirmed - Bank Melli hospital Tehran - at least 9 dead - #Iranelection about 1 hour ago from web

confirmed - Rasoul Hospital Tehran - at least 11 dead - #Iranelection about 1 hour ago from web

confirmed - hospital source - hundrends injured Saturday - #Iranelection about 1 hour ago from web

We know that the army is not ready to kill the people of Iran - #Iranelection about 1 hour ago from web

We are the bird of freedom of Iran - but we have no wing without you Allah - peace be upon you - #Iranelection about 1 hour ago from web

Brothers and sisters were killed before our eyes today - the innocent blood of the martyrs of Allah - #Iranelection about 1 hour ago from web

We have no future - no life - no hope - without you Allah - our creator - our leader #Iranelection Enna Allah va Analieh Rajeoon about 1 hour ago from web

Hojateleslam bin Moslemin Rafsanjani holds the honour of the army of this great nation - #Iranelection - Allah Akbar about 1 hour ago from web

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