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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bulletins from Iran

2.14 pm. :(( eye witness reporting that milita using Ambulances to lure people & then shoot at them near roodaki & azarbayjan st.

WHOLE city is shaking with very loud screams from rooftops. Their loud voices calling only for God is filled with fear, hatred, and hope.

2.13 pm. it comes from every direction. now it's "ya hossein, mir hossein"

2.04 pm. Some attempt at perspective. From what I can tell, the regime has shown a disgusting display of rank violence and murder, but they have not massacred hundreds. The uprising on the streets was also less overwhelming than in previous days, but that's obviously because they knew they could be gunned down. Mousavi is standing firm in demanding a nullification of the election. If the reports of even more intense rooftop shouting are true, then the people of Iran remain determined not to let this moment of democracy be taken from them. So we have the makings of a tense stand-off.

link: The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan


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