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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Open Letter from Mousavi 6/20/09

6:34 pm: Mousavi’s Statement (Rough Translation)

An Open Letter to the General Public

God commands you to give back the people what they give you by trust and if you judge between them, judge honestly.

Honest & intelligent people of Iran:

A reference point of history is getting shaped these days and nights. People ask themselves what they should do or where they should go. I believe that it is my duty to tell you about my beliefs tell you and hear from you and learn. May we all remember our historic duty and do not run away from tasks that destination of our children and future demands us to do.Thirty years ago, a revolution won in our country, a revolution named Islamic. It was a revolution for freedom, for humanity, for honesty and dignity. During these years specially when Imam was alive, we spent too many human resources, finances and hard working to establish this holy structure and we gained too much; a spiritual life which we had never before and people taste a new way of life which regardless of all hardships tasted sweet to them. What people gained was Munificence, freedom and signs of holly life and I’m sure those who have seen those days, never satisfied with less.

What happened to us these days? Why we do not feel that spiritual happiness anymore? Are we losing something that keeps us away from that spiritual space? I came to say it is not too late and we are not that far from that brilliant environment. I came to show that we still can have a spiritual life while we live in today’s world. I came to tell about Imam’s beliefs about radicalism. I came to say how dangerous running from law to dictatorship is. I came to remind that having respect to human rights does not weaken our regime but strengthens its foundations. I came to say that people seek dignity and truth in their leaders and many of our problems has roots in lie. I came to say that we do not deserve poverty, corruption and mis-judgment. I came to invite people to join Islamic revolution in its honorable original form and to re-shape it to what it must be.

I was not professional in bringing this message, but message was too original and too honest itself that our young generation which was far from revolution days and felt faraway from this heritage, got it, accept it and made scenes just like early days of revolution and holly defense. This young generation chose Green as their symbol and I confess that I only follow them in this way. A generation accused of nihilism chose “Allah o Akbar” and “ya Hussein” as their mottos. They return back to Khomeini’s name to show this holly tree’s fruits are the same any time it blossoms. Nobody but Temperament teaches them these mottos and how unjust is the beliefs of those Homunculuses who says that these are made by foreign enemies and call it “velvet revolution.”

As you know, we all faced with betrayal and lies in this way. What I predicted as results of by-passing the law has came to us sooner than I expected in a more obvious shape than I thought.

People ovate the elections because of all the efforts we made to give them hope for the future regardless of all the mis- management they saw and all the misery they felt. We tried to answer to those demands that if remained unsatisfied, may lead the whole regime to unstability. If this trust of people to us and their trust to their vote can not be defended or they can not defend their rights or protest to what they don’t like in a civilized , non-violent way , they will choose dangerous ways and all the outcomes will be the responsibility of those who do not tolerate civilized behaviors.

If the huge quantity of betrayal and fraud is used as evidence to its impossibility, the republic part of our regime will be corrupted forever and actually the idea of mis-match between Islamic and republic government will be proved. This destination will satisfy only two groups: one, those who stand from the very beginning in front of Imam and told him that Islamic regime is righteous dictatorship and people must be dragged to paradise. And another group is those who believe that Islam can not be mixed with liberty and republic rule. The great art of Imam was to defy both these groups and neutralizing their wrong beliefs. I came to immobilize these once more.

Now, the leaders of country take the responsibility by approving the results of election and put a limit on all future investigations. And banned any act of cancellation for the election and even changing the final outcome. Even when they see in more than 170 poll boxes number of ballots exceeded the number of eligible residents. They asked us to bring our protest to guardian council. But we can see that this council has proven its non-neutral position before, during and after election. We know that the very first condition for a good judgment is having a neutral judge. I insist that cancellation of the election and having another election is a non-negotiable right and must be followed by a neutral, trustable national committee. This right must not be declared as out of question as the people’s protest right must not be banned because of violence and bloody events risk. In addition National Security Council must give us reasonable answers about plain clothes forces in these days’ attacks toward people, public assets and making violence instead of threaten us and putting the blame on our shoulders.

As I see the events, they are not only made to constrain a government to nation but also this will be a beginning for a new political life in the country. As a friend who saw the beauties of green wave of yours, I never let my actions harm you or endangered anybody’s life. Regardless of my weak powers, I insist on frustrated election cancellation and giving the people what they deserve. I believe that contuing your protests and by help of your intelligence and creativity can bring back your absolute rights and will give you new civilized forms to follow what you are seeking.

You can be sure that I will always be there for you. What I want to suggest to the young people is: do not let the liars and cheaters to steal your flag of fathers. Do not let the strangers to come and capture your fathers’ blood gained heritage: Islamic revolution. By help of God and hope to the future and by using all your abilities, continue your way according to the initial law and non-violent techniques.

Basij is not against us on this way. Basiji is our brother. We are not against Sepah on this way; Sepah is our revolution’s guardian. Army is not against our way. Army is our borders patrol. We are not fighting with our holly regime and its lawful organs. Our enemies are lies and misleadings that we want to correct. A correction which leads us to the roots of our Islamic revolution.

I suggest the leaders to let the peaceful gatherings according to 27th article of initial law. This will bring peace and calmness to people’s protests. I suggest them to even encourage such rallies and let our media to leave this one-side behavior and cover the whole voices. I suggest them not to let this voices turn into shouts. To encourage arguments and talks on TV programs. Let the ideas to be heard and reviewed. Let the media to show the news as they are. I suggest making a free space for people to show their beliefs and ask their rights.

This is obvious that if they do accept my suggestions, there will be no need for Militia and police to be on streets and we do not see these awful scenes that hurt anybody who has feelings toward our country and our revolution.

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