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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SC Governor Absconditus: They Got Ports, They Got Hurricanes, They Got Prisons, They Could Have Riots! O Gov. Come Back, They Need You!

Knotts also seemed to have concerns about the Appalachian story. He pointed out that Sanford took a vehicle from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division with him, and said that it's almost certain the vehicle would be armed. So if Sanford was hiking, did he leave the vehicle untended? "Was it sitting there in the parking lot with weapons in it?" Knotts asked. "I'm sure he didn't unload the vehicle."

In addition, it was reported yesterday that Sanford's cell phone location had been late last week traced to Atlanta, which would not seem to be on any logical route from Columbia, South Carolina to the Appalachian Trail.

Wherever Sanford is, Knotts said that, rather than leaving authority in the hands of his unelected staff, the governor should have delegated power to the state's lieutenant governor, Andre Bauer. "We got ports down here, we got hurricane season started up, we got prisons that could have riots," he said. "We got all sorts of situations that could need a governor."

link: SC Lawmaker: Sanford "Not A Person That Would Be Happy With Security" | TPMMuckraker


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