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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

O Arizona: A Country Boy Can Survive, but Where Is That Cave, Exactly?

Ryan Randazzo reports:

At least two survival-related groups have formed in Phoenix since December, and groups with varying outlooks and politics have sprouted nationally from Kentucky to New York.

Of course, it's not unheard of for mainstream groups to prepare for emergencies. The Mormon Church, which reports 13.5 million members worldwide, has long counseled self-sufficiency and encourages families to keep a prudent supply of food on hand.

Disasters such as hurricanes and 9/11, and even perceived troubles like the Y2K bug, always increase interest in survivalism. The men behind the counters at U.S. Surplus Corp. in Phoenix see a crush of new customers every time tragedy strikes.

The newbies stand out from the military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts who stop in for rugged clothing, rations or canteens.

"They are the ones trying to fix up a cave to live in," store manager Gary Pickering said. "They are asking a lot of questions and buying things they normally wouldn't, like water-purification tablets."

link: Survivalism grows popular in Valley


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