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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iran: Karroubi Posts a Statement

It is regrettable that the highest authority in Iran chooses to ignore the peaceful demands of the people

The Gov has chosen to respond with oppression and violence

The actions of this Gov insults all free peoples of the world

Para 27 of Constitution allows unarmed public gatherings without permit if they do not insult Islam

the right of the nation to challenge this unfair & corrupt election is the right of all Muslims

In Iran the minority are ruling the majority with violence and oppression

I invite the nation to participate on Thurs in remembrance of those killed by this Gov

I demand release of all political prisoners immediately

I demand gov provide medical treatment for those injured

I demand that the bodies of the martyrs be released to the families for burial immediately

I demand an immediate end to censorship by gov

link: Latest Updates on Iran’s Disputed Election - The Lede Blog -


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