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Monday, August 10, 2009

REM vs. Non-REM Sleep, Dreams

REM Dreams and Non-REM dreams are very different from each other in a few major ways. The first difference between the two is Non-REM dreams consist of brief, fragmentary impressions. They are also less likely to involve visual images compared to REM sleep, and are more frequently forgotten. Non-REM dreams are like thinking about something during the day for a brief period of time while REM dreams are comparable to thinking deeply about something. REM sleep consists of about two hours a night while Non-REM sleep lasts about four to six hours.

Does the Type of Sleep we Receive change with Age?

According to the chart above it does. You receive more and more Non-REM sleep the older you get. You also sleep less and less the older you get. This information and chart was gathered from The Rock Hill School District Three Internet Site.

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