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Monday, August 10, 2009

Non-Carbon-Based, and Extra-Planetary, Life Forms a Possibility

"The Black Cloud" - Could Non-Carbon Life Exist in Cold Clouds of Interstellar Dust?
[P]hysicists have discovered over the last few years intriguing evidence of life-like double-helix structures formed from inorganic substances in space which raises the question of whether extraterrestrial life could be composed of corkscrew-shaped formations of interstellar dust. The findings hint at the possibility that life beyond Earth may not necessarily use carbon-based molecules as its building blocks and they may also point to a possible new explanation for the origin of life on Earth.

The international team has discovered that under the right conditions, particles of inorganic dust can become organized into helical structures. These structures can then interact with each other in ways that are more usually associated with organic compounds and life itself.

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