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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Silent Demonstration

6:40 pm: Karroubi issued a statement today [Farsi] inviting people to participate in Friday demonstrations starting from Hafte Tir Sq. and to attend the Friday prayer at 11am. He has asked people to wear black. Karroubi accuses the government of betraying the people’s trust and praises the silent demonstrations, saying “silence is full of untold stories.”

Karroubi then had even stronger words: “Those who are bothered by the greatness of such a civil behavior tried to blame the fires and other destruction on the nation and supporters of reform. They are masters in engineering trouble, as they are masters in engineering elections, and in the process, they murdered a group of our countrymen. I express my condolences for these murders… They [the vigilantes] try to scare people and ignore their protests by censoring the media and showing propaganda… Karroubi, invited people to continue their participation and warned against plots by suspicious individuals to turn peaceful demonstrations violent. “Their ultimate goal is ending the presence of this great nation. Do not hesitate to participate.” In the end, Karroubi said he will not recognize Ahmadinejad as the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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