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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Forty Acres, A Mule, A Work Order, and Oh Yes, We'll Take your Firstborn Child

The [Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy] reported at the time that the Chinese authorities had issued notices warning Tibetan farmers of serious consequences or even confiscation of lands of any one who refused to do farming. Chinese authorities in Kardze later reportedly went on an “arrest and beating drive” against farmers who continued to defy authorities' order to till their farmlands. According to TCHRD, many of the Tibetan youths in Kardze were arrested and detained by Chinese authorities after taking part in anti-China protests last year. “Even if people in Kardze wishes to till the lands, there is hardly any manpower left behind to do the farming work,” the centre said in a statement.

link: One suffers gun shot, three seriously wounded in Chamdo -


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