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Thursday, June 25, 2009

O Arizona: Al Sharpton Kicks Ass and Takes Names, and the First One, Right There in the A's, is ARPAIO

Sharpton was so reasonable by comparison to Arpaio, whose favorite word for the evening was "garbage," that even nativist Dobbs seemed to lean toward Sharpton. The reverend spoke of the "hundreds of people coming forth" with stories of racial profiling and civil rights abuses. He said he asked the sheriff for arrest data that could prove or disprove allegations of racial profiling. But the MCSO doesn't keep such data, Arpaio told him. (Interestingly, Arizona's Department of Public Safety has kept such information on the stops it makes, thanks to a successful ACLU lawsuit.)

link: Phoenix News - Al Sharpton Whups Sheriff Joe, and Courtney Bisbee’s Innocence Claim Is Shot Down by a Judge - page 4


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