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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Iran: Karroubi Issues Statement

10:44 am: Karroubi’s latest statement [Persian]: Mehdi Karroubi’s official newspaper etemademelli carries a new statement from him today. Mr. Karroubi used very strong language to say that he does not agree with the results of the elections. “There is strong syndicated electoral mafia in Iran that has interfered and changed the results of the elections. We must locate the cancerous leadership of this syndicate and destroy it.

"He further elaborated by stating that “we anticipated cheating to take place at the election; however, the underlining assumption was that with a huge turnout of voters the cheating would become insignificant”.

“The results of the election have left a bad taste in our mouths and the mouths of the voters. As a result we have witnessed demonstrations.”

With regards to the arrested individuals, Mr. Karroubi stated that “the arrested individuals must be released as soon as possible.”

The chief editor of his newspaper, Mr. Mohammad Ghochany, has himself been arrested, and Mr. Karroubi expressed his disappointment by stating, “I am the owner of this newspaper, and I will take responsibility for anything that is said or published in etemademelli.”

Lastly, Karroubi make a reference to Ayatollah Khomeini by quoting one of his famous quotes: “The measure of a nation is its vote.” He concludes that the Iranian people must fight for their rights and not accept injustice.

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