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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Iran: Bloggers Threatened

Update | 9:36 a.m. Several of the bloggers we have been following on Twitter, who have apparently been writing from inside Iran, have been accused of being Israeli spies by a blogger who seems to be a supporter or member of the Iranian government.

In a dramatic dialogue taking place through Twitter, this pro-government blogger, writing in Farsi on Twitter, warned three prominent opposition bloggers on Thursday that they will soon be arrested. The pro-government blogger wrote that the opposition bloggers had been identified by the authorities after photographs of protesters were posted on an Iranian Web site, Gerdab — which is the Farsi word for “whirlpool.”

The pro-government blogger also wrote in English, in reply to another Twitter user, that these opposition bloggers who have been filing regular updates on the protests on the micro-blogging site: “are spy of moosad, the election is true and clean.”

In reply, one of the opposition supporters still posting updates on Twitter warned other users of the site, in Farsi, to beware of this pro-government blogger.

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