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Friday, June 19, 2009


Iranian scholars and uni Professors write joint letter to Secretary General of UN condemning violation of Iran Human Rights - #Iranelection 7 minutes ago from web

Karoubi - Recognize the will of the nation and void the 10th Presidential Elections to return order to the country - #Iranelection 10 minutes ago from web

Karoubi - As a former political prisoner who was tortured I know that insulting a nation will turn them into a raging fire - #Iranelection 13 minutes ago from web

Advice - remove sim and use mobile to film ANY violence or attak against Sea of Green - #Iranelection 16 minutes ago from web

Advice - your location can be identified from mobile signal - + delete all sms after sending in case u are arrested - #Iranelection 21 minutes ago from web

link: persiankiwi (persiankiwi) on Twitter


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