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Friday, June 19, 2009

American Attacked in Ohio For Aiding Iranian Protest

The Daily Kos writes:

Our top story is the attack on ProtesterHelp. For those who do not know him he has been essential in providing security for Twitterers in Iran, setting up private networks to provide secure proxies to them, calling for media networks to remove the Iranians Twiterers information from their broadcast, and providing counter-intelligence services (including Basiji and Army Locations) within the Twitter community. . . .

ProtesterHelp confirmed to me that he was attacked by a group of men that seemed to be either Iranian or Lebanese, while walking to class in Ohio. They drove up besides him and threw rocks at him while shouting, "Mousavi Fraud."

He further informed me that his personal information was leaked, and is currently being spread both online and inside of Iran amongst the government. The former most likely lead to this attack. God only knows what the latter will lead too.

I think this is a strong indicator of how international in scope these events are. An American on American soil has already been attacked due to these protests in Iran.

link: Daily Kos: State of the Nation


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