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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran: CB Radio

If u have CB radio only use when moving - never in fixed location - always off when at base - #Iranelection 1 minute ago from web

if you see helicopter - burn tyres - as much as possible in many location - #Iranelection RT RT RT 2 minutes ago from web

Do everything possible to confuse Gov forces - give false info - block telephone lines #Iranelection RT 3 minutes ago from web

Monday - all day all car lights to stay on to show unity and support for Sea of Green - #Iranelection 13 minutes ago from web

Ppl - if possible buy CB radio for communication between groups - we have these - #Iranelection RT RT RT 17 minutes ago from web

Ppl store medication in your homes - our soldiers will need medicine - #Iranelection RT RT RT 19 minutes ago from web

If there is tear gas - burn cars - smoke protects you from tear gas - #Iranelection RT RT RT 21 minutes ago from web

Tomorrow at 4pm telephone Republican Guard Baseej with false reports all over city #Iranelection RT RT RT 22 minutes ago from web

link: persiankiwi (persiankiwi) on Twitter


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