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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

George Will "Admits Public Health Care Option Will Cut Costs"

[George] Will's argument is apparently this: The government does not need to make a profit and will have greater leverage with providers; therefore it will deliver the same service for less money. That's unfair!

Is this really the best argument that one of the most prominent intellectual conservatives can mount against the public option?

I'm a big believer in the profit motive in 99 percent of all cases. If the government decided to open a non-profit hamburger stand, I doubt that it would compete successfully against Five Guys. If it tried to open a non-profit airline, I doubt that it could offer the same value as JetBlue. Insert joke about General Motors and/or the Post Office here. The point is, I think the profit motive is generally well worth it in terms of the incentives it creates to cut costs, develop new products, improve customer service, and so forth.

But health insurance is not like those things.

link: FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: George F. Will Admits Public Option Will Cut Costs


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