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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bagram Airbase Detention: Detainees Tortures and "Released Without Charge"

The BBC recently interviewed 27 former detainees who were held at the Bagram Airbase detention facility between 2002 and 2008. All but two of the detainees said they had been ill-treated. According to the investigation, the detainees were “beaten, deprived of sleep, hung from the ceiling and threatened with dogs. Four claimed officials had put a gun to their head and threatened to kill them.” One inmate said:

‘They did things that you would not do against animals let alone to humans.

‘They poured cold water on you in winter and hot water in summer. They used dogs against us. They put a pistol or a gun to your head and threatened you with death.

‘They put some kind of medicine in the juice or water to make you sleepless and then they would interrogate you.’

All the detainees were ultimately released without charge.

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Wright, a Defense Department spokesman, claimed that conditions at Bagram "meet international standards for care and custody."

link: Think Progress » BBC investigation of Bagram finds detainees were ‘beaten,’ ‘hung from the ceiling.’


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