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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Taking the Long View: Pinhole Photo Exposed for 6 Months

Six-Month-Long Camera Exposure Shows Both Winter and Summer Solstices - pinhole photography - Gizmodo

Gizmodo writes:

Justin Quinnell left his homemade pinhole camera continuously exposed for a whopping six months to capture this incredible photo of Saint Mary Redcliffe Church in the UK.

Those individual lines are images of the sun trailing across the sky: The lowest one is the winter solstice, captured on December 22nd, and the highest one is the summer solstice, which took place on June 20th. Quinnell, a professional pinhole photographer (he consulted and shot The Brothers Bloom as well) has done this kind of very long-term exposure before, including another six-month shot of his hometown of Bristol, but it's not the easiest project to undertake:

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