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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Caricature from BibliOdyssey

Published by Maison Aubert in 1834 [Print made by JJ Grandville AND Honoré Daumier; printed by Bernard]

Satire on censorship; on the right a woman personifying France and Liberty is holding a torch upon which is inscribed with the word 'presse'; from an arched opening seven political figures, including D'Argout, Persil and Soult, are trying to put the torch out; above, a bat with a human head.

In the lower left corner of the lithograph, the initials of both Daumier and Grandville can be seen, making this illustration a particularly rare collaborative work by two of the greatest French illustrators of the 19th (or any) century. It's the equivalent of Gillray and Cruikshank combining forces.

The notes are derived from the British Museum database but the image -- a much brighter, larger and more legible version, that appears to be identical, including plate no., to the BM print -- was sourced from Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles.

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daumier said...

Sorry to correct you, but the print is by Grandville and Desperret (not Daumier)and the printer was Benard (not Bernard). For your information: Grandville and Daumier did a number of lithos together as did Grandville and Desperret. If you ever want to know more about Daumier, go to and


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