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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Patio Furniture: Is Obama's Sense of Style Breaking Down?

The Poop : Obama's crappy patio furniture
Peter Hartlaub writes:

I can't believe the president doesn't have better patio furniture.

In reality, the Rose Garden patio furniture is probably quite expensive -- made of the best wrought iron, with wicker that was weaved at the hands of master artisans. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama specifically requested Lincoln's old patio furniture for this event.

But perception is everything is cases like this. And from a distance, it looks like Obama owns the type of furniture you would expect to encounter when eating a meal with Randy Quaid in a "Vacation" movie. (More Helper, Obama?) My first thought upon seeing the images on television yesterday was "Is that plastic?" I briefly lived next to some frat guys in college, and I think I saw Joe Biden's chair floating in the pool after every one of their parties.

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Jessica said...

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