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Sunday, August 2, 2009

O Arizona: Legislature Take Note: People Who Are Paying Attention Do Not Approve Of What They See

Study looks at Arizonans' Legislature satisfaction
Two-thirds of Arizonans who participated in a research panel are dissatisfied with how the state Legislature is dealing with Arizona's budget and tax issues, according to a June report by the Morrison Institute.

Fewer than half of the respondents said they kept tabs on current public-policy processes, including news about the Arizona state budget.

When researchers narrowed it down to this group, the rate of those dissatisfied with state lawmakers jumped to 80 percent.

"There's a sort of disconnect (with the government) that people are feeling, and that's independent of whether people are tracking the issue," said Dr. Richard Toon, associate director for research for the Morrison Institute.

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Tryor said...

Obviously, people have not been involved sufficiently in the past to help the state avoid the consequences of over-spending and expanding government. Now that these excesses cannot be paid for, they are upset.
A tragic statement concerning the consequences of apathy.

Morrison Institute said...

Read the report at

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