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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nick Olson, Photographer

Nick Olson writes:

The alternative photographic method allows me to express my views on time and change created by the passage of time.

I use alternative processes, because I am dissatisfied with the digital medium. Digital imaging is the dominant photographic medium of contemporary society because of its speed, and ability to mass reproduce experience, creating an exact likeness of the world.

My interests are exactly the opposite of those embodied by contemporary culture and digital imaging. My work is aimed at creating unique objects, which create a new perspective on the subject and involve me viscerally in the process of creation.

By creating an image that is different from the normal mode of seeing the world, the photograph allows the viewer to think and reevaluate their beliefs about the subject.

link: Artist Statement


JMH said...

thnx 4 this, i like it
jennifer michael hecht

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