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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Falling Up: Photographer Tom Hyde

Falling up by Tom Hyde

East Fork of the Satsop River, Washington State. July 3, 2009.

I shot film for years until I started shooting digital, and that’s mostly what I’ve done for a number of years now. Until two days ago. I dropped my Canon 5d, with its expensive L glass, all of 20 inches onto my gravel road. It landed just right, or wrong, and the mounts on both the lens and the camera broke off at the same time. The camera is … toast. I didn’t even get a conciliatory self portrait of shock and rage out of it. Actually, I may have gone through all the stages of grief.

Silly really. Now I shoot film in an old rangefinder without a working light meter and an apparent two stop shift in the shutter. I like it. Faded box of cheap Kodak film courtesy of the Matlock Country Store (stored near the deep fat frier). Processing and scanning courtesy of WalMart. A good day courtesy of a bad event.

The results … well, whatever, it was a good day hunting and I never even tried to look at the back of the camera. Made some new friends. Left prints stuck on tree branches by the river bank. They’ll find them tomorrow.

--Tom Hyde

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