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Thursday, July 2, 2009

O Arizona: But Who Will Watch the Watchers Who're Watching the Whistle Blowers?

Two valley men spoke out against Phoenix’s top cops. Then, both were slapped with simultaneous search warrants. One of them, Officer Dave Barnes, is a 13-year veteran of the police department. Barnes had been critical of the city’s crime lab.

The other, Jeff Pataky, is part of a Web site,, which is critical of Phoenix’s public safety manager Jack Harris and many of the department’s top brass.

Court records made public on Wednesday reveal when police searched the homes of Barnes and Pataky in March, they were looking for computers, e-mails between Barnes and Pataky and even a military-grade thumb drive.

"It's a joke. It's a couple hundred thousand dollars in city resources on a complete witch hunt," said Jeff Pataky.

link: Police Raid Homes Of Department Critics - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix


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