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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fastest Tweeter in the West: John Henry v. the Steam Drill Had Nothing on This Lady

Paul Boutin writes:

Bonnie Smalley has Internet bragging rights: She has been blocked by Twitter for hand-typing too many tweets in an hour. They thought she was a computer program made to spew spam.

Ms. Smalley, it turns out, is a 100 percent human customer service representative for Comcast. She is one of 10 representatives who reach out to customers through social networks, rather than waiting for them to find Comcast’s support site.

Known on Twitter as comcast bonnie, Ms. Smalley reads at least 400 customer tweets on a slow day at her desk in Philadelphia. Amazingly, she replies to all of them, and an additional hundred or more e-mail messages and a few more messages on Facebook, MySpace, Second Life and LinkedIn. On days when Comcast makes an announcement, the volume of everything triples.

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