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Sunday, July 5, 2009

McMansions #Epicfail

The developer of this abandoned model home, Michael Roberts, chief executive of Charlevoix Homes, intended to turn a 35-acre former alfalfa farm into a community of 92 luxury houses, with prices starting around $500,000. During the boom, Charlevoix Homes grew to 32 employees; it was recognized in 2006 by the state’s small-business association as one of the “50 Arizona Companies to Watch.”

He is now bankrupt. More at the New York Times, via Andy Revkin, who asks:

Are these portraits, perhaps, of the end of the age of unfettered consumption, simply a short pause before human communities resume their 150-years-and-counting fossil-fueled sprint, or a foretaste of Alan Weisman’s 2007 thought experiment, “ The World Without Us”?

link: Ruins of the Second Gilded Age in the New York Times : TreeHugger


ben reynolds said...

Same as the Nixon-Opec gas shortage in the early 70's. As soon as the "shortage" is over, people go back to driving their stupid, um, Hummers.

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