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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cameroon Bishops Outraged over Legalization of Abortion and Homosexuality

Bishops in Cameroon have expressed disdain against the imminent legalization of abortion and homosexuality following the country's ratification of the Maputo Protocol permitting States to legalize homosexuals and abortion. They are calling on the general public to protest against the move.

In a declaration at the end of their 34th Plenary Assembly in Yaounde, the Bishops disagreed vehemently with Cameroon's ratification of the law, calling on Cameroonians to categorically say no to it.

Christian Cardinal Tumi told the press that the Bishops will in the days ahead organize a protest march throughout the national territory to show their indignation and disillusionment with the Head of State for “ratifying such a bad law.”

link: AfricaNews - Abortion, homosexual row erupt in Cameroon - Solomon Mforgham weblog


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