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Monday, July 6, 2009

Eritrea Seeks Darfur Solution

The Eritrean President, Assais Afwerki, has called for reconsideration of all the existing initiatives to find solution for Darfur issue because of the disagreement among the factions of the rebel movements in Darfur.

The Eritrean President, interviewed by SUNA, referred to the efforts being exerted by Eritrea to pave the way for peace negotiations, benefit from the previous experiments and to avoid internationalization of the issue as well as increasing the participants in the agreements.

The Eritrean President called on the Sudanese people to ignore the issue of the International Criminal Court (ICC), as this court has no legal bases, adding that Sudan is targeted because of its unique geographic location and its influence in the Horn of Africa. He reaffirmed the strong relations linking Sudan and Eritrea, lauding the agreements signed by the two countries in all domains.

link: Eritrean President Calls for Reconsideration of Initiatives Designed to Solve Darfur Issue


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