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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dept. of Juxtaposition: Prize-Winning Photo and Auto Accident

"It was a memorable moment because I had a road accident at that location. I had seen the 'English garden' hoarding before, but always on grey days, and had thought to myself that I would stop sometime when it was sunny.

"That day (a year ago this week) I was driving past and saw the cumulus clouds and blue sky - so I indicated and filtered into the right turn lane. Suddenly a white delivery van hurtled over the slight hill behind me and came smashing into the back of my car, shunting me along the street and causing quite a bit of damage to my vehicle.

"After the exchange of details, and having photographed the accident as evidence (it was his fault by the way) I decided to stay a while and photograph the view across the road.

"I saw the jogger coming into view so put on a polarizing filter and took the picture shown, all the while standing next to my damaged car by the pavement. I waited a while and took others but this was the best frame. If I hadn't been in slight shock from the RTA I might have stuck around longer!

"The effect of the polarizing filter added to the surreal hoarding image with repeating topiary garden pattern makes it look like a composite Photoshop image - it isn't!"

link: BBC - Viewfinder: A memorable moment


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