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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Complicity in Chinese Human Rights Abuses

In China, Moslems called the Uighurs are fighting to be free of rule by Han Chinese. It figures that they want liberty, just like the other captive nations the Han now rule, Tibet the largest, but their expectations aren't likely to be met.

The Han call freedom fighters in both places terrorists, and almost certainly will win by force of arms and fists, but no one cares about these Asians here in the west, because we fear our vital trade relations might suffer, with a loss of our prosperity, and let the Chinese use their terror in both East Turkestan, Tibet, committing a grave error based on our need to save the dollar from falling, which it might if we grew hot beneath the collar, declaring might ain't right.

It seems we need Han Chinese more than they need us, and so we can't show them that we feel sore about the Uighurs' woe. By contrast, since we need much oil, with Dreyfusard "J'accuse" we may, when Jews protect their soil, hurl at them our abuse.

link: Gershon Hepner: uighurs, tibetans, jews


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