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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bonaparte's Retreat

Print made by Charles Williams "Boney forsaken by his guardian genius." (hand colored etching) 1814 "The Devil hovers above Napoleon, who kneels on one knee, looking up in horror; he snatches the crown from the Emperor's head; in his left hand he holds up a second crown. He is dark, hairy, and muscular, with webbed wings and barbed tail. Napoleon, who wears uniform with a sash and a very large sword, with Hessian boots, leans back with arms extended protestingly; he says: "My Guardian Angel—my Protector, do not desert me in the hour of Danger." The Devil: "Poh! Poh! you cannot expect to reign for ever, besides I want you at home to teach some of the young imps wickedness." Great clouds of smoke rise from distant flames, where 'Paris' (right) is blazing."



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