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Monday, June 22, 2009

Shortcomings of American Coverage of Iran

from The Economist blog:

IT WAS embarrassing to watch yesterday morning as the networks trotted out the same old politicians and pundits to dissect America's reaction to the events in Iran. The same people who were so wrong about Iraq and whose opinions seem to reliably fall within one or the other party's talking points. Surely these were the people we needed to hear from in order to better grasp the situation in Iran. A situation that, apparently, must be seen through an American lens in order to be seen at all. The Iranian people? Inspired by Barack Obama (or George Bush or Ronald Reagan) they have fought the good fight, but they will certainly succeed or fail based on America's willingness to lead. Mr Obama's next statement will be crucial.

Rubbish. I propose a new rule: No American shall be allowed to comment, write a column, or blog on the situation in Iran without actually referring to the situation inside Iran and, specifically, the Iranian people, whose opinions on most matters are rather accessible. An addendum to this rule: No column shall begin with the words, "What the Iranian people need right now..."

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