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Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran Updates from niacINsight

Iran Updates – June 22, 2009

10:42 am: Lara Setrakian of ABC news sends an update on the demonstration we mentioned below via twitter: “People are trying to gather in 7 Tir square, but being dispersed before they can gather momentum. Many many Basijis. People btwn 1000-2000. they’re preventing others from joining. As soon as they gather somewhere they attack, so they run away & regroup” (h/t the indefatigable Nico)

10:38 am: BBC Persian is reporting [Farsi] that Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is considering the expulsion of some European ambassadors in response to their positions on recent events. Hasan Ghashghavi, the speaker of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that the behavior and statements by these countries and appropriate actions are being examined and evaluated.

Ghashghavi has accused the European countries and the United States of supporting the “agitators” instead of inviting the people of Iran to participate in democratic processes and emphasizing the rule of law.

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