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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Iran: Conditions for Arrrested Protestors

Evin Prison – A Student’s Firsthand Account

“Reza,” a university student who was arrested and detained at Evin Prison, provided a firsthand account of his ordeal via twitter. (Independent confirmation is not available.)

Reza estimated around 200 people were in each room and there were not enough space to even sit on the ground. There was also an awful problem of only one toilet for all people in there and a impossible time limit of around 1 minute for each person. They didn’t open the plastic handcuffs for a day and half, and they randomly beat up people. Reza said the only exception was they didn’t hit arrested people directly in the face. He said in the second day some pain cloth people came with papers forcing people to sign them. The papers were prewritten confessions all in different handwritings saying the signer is a member of a pro-Mousavi organization

link: niacINsight


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