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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Art of Anatomy: William Rimmer

Looking at old prints sometimes reveals more than just their own history, simple or not: there are, from time to time, subtle bits of otherness that creeps into the image, if you allow yourself the time to see it. And sometimes looking at images of the past reveal a little of the future, or the possibility of the future.

William Rimmer’s (1816-1879) Art Anatomy (1877 and subsequent printings) is another such adventure. Rimmer was a very accomplished artist, and was also a fine anatomist. He was very concerned and interested in what happens to the skin, forced into action by all of the stuff underneath it. He pursued the movement of muscle, and bone, and the interplay of the two, and produced a wonderful exponent of artistic anatomy.

link: Ptak Science Books: Dadaist Images in 19th Century Prints: William Rimmer's Artistic Anatomy, 1877


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