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Thursday, June 18, 2009

"I only want to speak about what I have witnessed." Message from Iran

"What I have witnessed"

A powerful note from a female medical student in Iran, translated from Farsi by a trusty reader.


It's painful to watch what's happening.

I don't want anything to do with what has been said this far, as I neither have the strength nor the resilience to face all these unfathomable events.

I only want to speak about what I have witnessed. I am a medical student. There was chaos last night at the trauma section in one of our main hospitals. Although by decree, all riot-related injuries were supposed to be sent to military hospitals, all other hospitals were filled to the rim. Last night, nine people died at our hospital and another 28 had gunshot wounds. All hospital employees were crying till dawn. They (government) removed the dead bodies on back of trucks, before we were even able to get their names or other information. What can you even say to the people who don't even respect the dead. No one was allowed to speak to the wounded or get any information from them. This morning the faculty and the students protested by gathering at the lobby of the hospital where they were confronted by plain cloths anti-riot militia, who in turn closed off the hospital and imprisoned the staff. The extent of injuries are so grave, that despite being one of the most staffed emergency rooms, they've asked everyone to stay and help--I'm sure it will even be worst tonight.

What can anyone say in face of all these atrocities? What can you say to the family of the 13 year old boy who died from gunshots and whose dead body then disappeared?

This issue is not about cheating(election) anymore. This is not about stealing votes anymore. The issue is about a vast injustice inflected on the people. They've put a baton in the hand of every 13-14 year old to smash the faces of "the bunches who are less than dirt" (government is calling the people who are uprising dried-up torn and weeds)

This is what sickens me from dealing with these issues. And from those who shut their eyes and close their ears and claim the riots are in opposition of the government and presidency!! No! The people's complaint is against the egregious injustices committed against the people.


Pamela Uschuk said...

This is is a heartbreaking piece, Terry, especially since this nursing student is not political. Thank you for keeping this alive. Americans have such short attention spans, and we should be outraged by these happenings. Mass shootings, violence against unarmed protestors, bodies being hauled off to be "disappeared" by the military. This is sickeningly familiar.

Pam Uschuk

Ann said...


Thank you for the continual updates. Though I am not overtly political in nature, it has become increasingly important with the global political temperature rising to unprecedented heights to be involved in some manner. I applaud the young medical student who bravely sent this message to you. One can only think of Latin American travesties of the 1970's through the 1990's in relation to the disappeared; here we go again, filling up the ravines with the unnamed dead. It is so abhorrent that the mind has difficulty comprehending how anyone could justify a stolen election which takes the lives of children. Then again, the wheel of human atrocities spins one more time and I wonder, whose turn will be next?

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