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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Velveteria: Velvet Elvis Sighting

Velveteria: The Velvet Painting Museum | Portland, United States | Atlas Obscura

When you think of black velvet paintings, you usually imagine scantily clad, overly-proportioned, exotic women hanging in the back rooms of smokey tiki lounges, or collecting dust in your grandfather's attic; a gift of cousin Larry's from Tahiti. But didn't Andrew Wyeth occasionally paint on velvet in his day? And with-in the post-modern doldrums certainly other artists must be exploring velvet as a medium as well.

Velveteria in Southeast Portland was created to display 170 velvet paintings in the owner's collection of more than 350. There are more permanent exhibits, like the black light room, and the wall of fame (classics like, dogs playing poker, and elvis are housed here.) There are also rotating exhibits like "the story of Jesus and Mary on Velvet" around easter, as well as the "Black is Beautiful" exhibit in honor of African American heros.

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