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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zelaya Crosses Border into Honduras, Briefly

Honduras' deposed president has made a brief return to his country from Nicaragua, nearly four weeks after he was forced from power in a military-backed coup.

Manuel Zelaya walked from the Nicaraguan town of Los Manos to the frontier on Friday, and stepped a few metres beyond a chain marking the border, before being blocked by Honduran army troops.

Honduras' security forces had been instructed by the military-backed interim government to arrest Zelaya if he entered the country, but they did not move against him.

After speaking to journalists, Zelaya then walked back onto Nicaraguan soil, to await members of his family who are on the Honduran side of the border.

Police later fired tear gas at people supporting Zelaya who had walked to within 10km of the border, in defiance of a curfew.

link: Al Jazeera English - Americas - Zelaya makes brief Honduras return


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