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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wonders of the World Competiton: Whaddaya Got?

THE Great Barrier Reef and Uluru have made the final round in a global contest to select the new Seven Wonders of Nature.

The Australian natural landmarks were selected from a shortlist of 77 top spots around the world to be among the 28 finalists in the New7Wonders of Nature competition.

Only 21 finalists were expected to be announced, but the number was higher because of high levels of participation.

There were originally 441 nominees from 222 countries when the campaign began, with the entrants whittled down by public voting.

The contest now proceeds to the final round of voting, with an announcement due in mid-2011.

link: Uluru, Great Barrier Reef in line for Seven Wonders | Top stories |


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