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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Venezuela's Talent Drain

From the Editors of VenEconomy

The public’s attention generally focuses on the circumstantial, while analysis of the transcendental or structural is avoided or postponed.

One of those transcendental problems is the gradual destruction of human capital in Venezuela. In Newsweek Web this week, Mac Margolis analyzes the exodus of Venezuelans during the decade of the Chávez administration.

This analyst tells of the tens of thousands of Venezuelans who have gone to live abroad owing to the policies of a government that believes that the country is its own private property and has radically polarized the population, commenting that this mass of emigrants is made up particularly of artists, lawyers, doctors, managers, and engineers.

He maintains that this exodus has not only split up families, but that it will also affect the country’s future. He points out that, in Chávez’s Venezuela, talent is one of the main exports and warns that this goes against the tide of the repatriation policies being implemented by many developing countries today to recover their economies and consolidate their democracies

link: Latin American Herald Tribune - VenEconomy: Groundswell – or the Exodus of Venezuelans


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