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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Battle for Strong Public Option in Health Care Reform

Jed Lewison writes:

Max Baucus and Kent Conrad would have you believe that they are the only two Democrats who matter in the entire United States Senate.

Well Sherrod Brown had something to say about that yesterday on The Ed Show:

Transcript: We’re going to enact strong insurance reform rules so they can’t game the system, the community rating system and preexisting conditions, ban all of that. But we still need the public option to keep the insurance companies honest. We’re going to insist on it in the Senate. We’re going to get it in the Senate. They are going to do it in the House. We’re going to have a strong public option. That’s going to be a major part of our health care bill.

Despite Conrad's and Baucus's intransigence, this thing isn't over. The overwhelming majority of Democratic senators -- and American people - support a strong public option. As long as people like Sherrod Brown stand up for the principles they were elected to follow, we can still win this thing.

link: Daily Kos: Sherrod Brown: We'll get a strong public option


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