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Sunday, July 12, 2009

There's a Future in Picking Up Heavy Objects: Orlando Green

"Picking up heavy objects" is indeed the primary activity of strongman competitions, with feats that include deadlifts, log presses, the farmer's carry (in Louisville, [Orlando] Green and his opponents were timed going 80 yards and carrying 320 pounds in each hand), the 700-pound tire flop, yoke walks and truck pulls.

"I'm pretty good at medleys, which is three events in one," Green said. "It's usually something like a farmer's carry for 50 feet, a frame carry for 50 feet and a tire drag for 50 feet."

Green rapidly moved up the ladder in the NASA's lightweight division after a good showing last fall in Louisville, Ky. At his third competition, he recorded a 900-pound deadlift in West Virginia, a mark he plans to improve upon soon.

"I didn't know it at the time, but I found out that the record was 1,003 pounds," he said. "My plan now is to go to a competition in September in Columbia (S.C.) and get that record. I'm going to try for 1,010 pounds."

link: Green bringing exposure to strongman competition in Athens | Sports |

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