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Friday, July 31, 2009

Sucked In: The Vacuum Cleaner Museum

Atlas Obscura writes:

Tucked away in a not-so-dusty corner of Stark's Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service in downtown Portland is a collection that would make any prop master, house wife, or history buff slobber with excitement. Stark's is home to a small but very comprehensive Vacuum Cleaner Museum. The walls of their rear showroom are lined with over 300 different models of vacuums, from their oldest, a two person hand pumped wood and steel number, to "futuristic" dustbusters from the 1960's and even a few upright wands that look like they were meant to smoke out bees, not suck up dirt.

link: The Vacuum Cleaner Museum | Atlas Obscura


Rei said...

Interesting! A vacuum cleaner museum. You are right. Those who use vacuum cleaners will enjoy seeing its evolution.

Seth said...

Seth here with Atlas Obscura's new media team. Thanks for the write-up. We are glad you are keen on the Vacuum Cleaner Museum and would love to hear your feedback on other entires. Please submit any of your own if you feel compelled. Are you on Twitter or Facebook? If so, follow us on Twitter @atlasobscura or become a fan on Facebook:

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