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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Special Dog Center of Legal Battle in Australia

A LEGAL fight has erupted over ownership of a five-legged puppy, with a freak show owner claiming the dog is his.

Lilly, the Chihuahua-terrier puppy was born about six weeks ago with an extra leg which is white and without feeling, The Charlotte Observer reported.

But Lilly is currently at the centre of a legal storm and may end up in a New York freak show if John Strong gets his way.

The Coney Island exhibitor says he plans to sue the pup's original owner, Calvin Owensby of Gastonia, who he claims broke an implied contract to sell him the dog.

The two had agreed on a price and Mr Strong paid a $US1000 deposit, The Observer said.

But Mr Owensby decided to sell the pup to a Charlotte woman after media reports of the freak-show deal sparked an outcry from animal lovers.

Lilly's extra leg makes it hard for the seven-week-old puppy to walk, so her new owner Allyson Siegel plans to have it removed next week.

But Mr Strong says he'll seek an injunction to stop any surgery on the pup.

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