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Friday, July 24, 2009

Precious, the Artist Formerly Known as Five-Legged, Saved by Preemptive Surgery

Allyson Siegel paid Calvin Owensby $4000 to ensure that Precious, the 5-legged puppy, would not live her life as a freak show exhibit. But that didn't stop sideshow owner, John Strong, from threatening to sue Owenbsy for ownership.

Strong insisted that his $1000 deposit and oral agreement was a binding contract, and he was going to move forward with a lawsuit to gain custody of the pup. Siegel intended to have the extra limb removed in the near future, but the threat of an ownership lawsuit encouraged her to move the surgery date up. It appears that a lawsuit would be a moot point at this stage of the game.

A veterinarian surgically removed the extra limb from Precious on Thursday in a 90 minute procedure. Although she is still at the vet clinic recovering, the surgeon reports that the puppy is doing well and should make a full and complete recovery. Prior to the surgery, the extra leg made simple tasks such as running or laying down, a struggle. With the leg gone, she will be able to enjoy life as a normal dog

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