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Friday, July 3, 2009

Pragmatic Existentialism: Gotcher Husband AND Your Soul

ADELAIDE schoolteacher Ginetta Rossi remembers feeling nauseous when told by authorities that she no longer officially existed.

Rossi, a primary school teacher of 20 years, was renewing her teacher's registration in Adelaide when she discovered that both her identity and her career qualifications had been stolen.

"They told me that their teaching records showed Ginetta Rossi had moved to Victoria the previous year," Rossi recalls.

"I told them I was Ginetta Rossi but they wouldn't believe me."

To make matters worse, when Rossi investigated further, she found that the woman who stole her identity was Renai Brochard, the partner of her former husband.

"I felt sick," says Rossi, who has agreed to speak publicly about her case for the first time.

"It would have been bad enough for someone off the street to steal my identity but this was my ex-husband's partner.

"I thought, 'who is going to believe me?"'

link: The sick feeling of finding out you don't exist | The Australian


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