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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Iran: Khatami makes Statement

BC Persian released a statement from former president Khatami (these statements are from today):

Statements were made a day after Ahmadinejad made the statement that the ‘velvet revolution has lost’, while Khatami was visiting the families of those individuals who were arrested.

“I have to say that a velvet revolution has been used against the people and the Republic nature of the regime”.

“The voice of the people has been suffocated, those who should protect the rights of the people are instead degrading the people and this is all done under a poisonous atmosphere of state controlled media ”.

“The regime should be passionate and accountable for spilling even one drop of blood, instead they have systemically labeled the movement as hooligans”.

“The philosophy of the elections is that candidates who are most represented through ballots is selected, however once the people have contested the results, the electoral philosophy goes under the question and here is where the regime loses.”

“It is very strange that a marvel such as Mr. Mousavi who was one of the founders of the revolution is barred from making public speeches or seeking legal action. His image has been tarnished through the poison that is the state media.”

link: niacINsight


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